Delete a Computer

Deleting a computer removes it from LiveVault Web Portal and destroys all backed-up data and configuration information .

Important: When you delete a computer, you also delete all historic backed up information for that computer.

Do not delete a computer if you want access to any historic backed up information. Instead, disable the computer; see Disable or Enable a Computer.

To avoid further billing and to eliminate server status emails from being sent to you, you must uninstall the software and remove your computers from LiveVault Web Portal.

To prevent accidental deletion, you must uninstall the software from the computer before you can delete it from LiveVault Web Portal.

To delete a computer

  1. Follow the instructions in Remove Agent Software from a Computer to uninstall the agent software.

  2. In the navigation pane, select the name of the computer to be delted.

  3. The Summary tab for the computer opens.

  4. Select the Properties tab.

  5. Click Delete. This button is not available if the software is still on the computer.

  6. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.