Browse and Select Files and Directories to Back Up

Select the files to back up on the Selection tab on the Backup page. To back up all or most of the files in a directory, select the entire directory for backup, then exclude individual files from within that directory. This ensures that new files that are created within the directory are backed up without requiring modifications to the backup configuration. To back up only a few files in a directory, select only the individual files to back up from within that directory.

Note: If you are backing up a directory with more than 500,000 files, you must contact Support, as there are performance considerations, and Support must perform an override for that directory. In most cases, directories with over 500,000 files are temporary directories, and you should exclude them from backup.

As you select files and directories, the system generates backup rules. Alternatively, you can manually define file selection rules by clicking Advanced. You should try to minimize the number of file selection rules; a large number of file selection rules can impact the backup performance.

To select files to back up

  1. In the Selection tab on the Backup page, the directory tree is to the left.

  2. Click or preceding the system, volume, and directory icons to expand or collapse the directory tree.
  3. Select a system, volume, or directory icon or name to display its contents in the selection pane to the right.

  4. To display the contents of very large directories, use the Show page or Jump to page links to display more items.

  5. In the selection pane, select and clear the boxes preceding volumes, directories, and files to specify the files to back up. Each box contains an icon indicating its selection state:

    Icon Indicates
    All Files or entire directories that will be backed up.
    Some Some files in the directories may be backed up.
    All (Different Policy) Files and entire directories that are backed up in other policies.
    Some (Different Policy) Some files are backed up in other policies.
    None Files and directories that will not be backed up.
    Auto-Excluded Files and directories that LiveVault has excluded from backup. For more information about automatic exclusions, see Automatic and Recommended Backup Exclusions.
    System State System State files are backed up in other policies. Windows only.
    Volume Enabled for Data Deduplication Volume optimized for data deduplication.

    For more information on data deduplication, refer to your Windows 2012 or later documentation.