Antivirus Software

LiveVault has been tested with many popular antivirus software products, and LiveVault can run successfully with these products on a computer.

Remote Virus Scanning

Caution: Do not run a remote virus scan of a computer protected by LiveVault. For example, do not run a virus scan of Machine A using a share on Machine B.

In a remote virus scanning scenario, the System process opens the files on the computer, which modifies file attributes. When LiveVault recognizes that the file attributes are changed, it determines that the file has changed and backs up the file changes. This results in unnecessarily high backup activity, which will negatively impact your computer operations.

LiveVault cannot filter the System process to avoid this problem.

However, when the antivirus process runs locally on the computer, LiveVault can identify the specific antivirus process (referred to as a suspect process) and filter its changes so LiveVault does not unnecessarily back up the files.

General Configuration Steps

You must perform additional configuration steps to successfully run both LiveVault and antivirus software on your computer.

Typically, for any antivirus software product, you must do the following actions:

Application-Specific Configuration

Some antivirus software products require additional configuration.

If you are running one of the antivirus software products below, see the related help topic for details about running both applications on the same computer. These products have been tested with LiveVault.

If you are using an antivirus software product that is not in this list, contact Customer Service for assistance.