Backup Configuration Guidelines

If you are running certain applications on your computer, there are some instances that require additional configuration of the LiveVault backup, or of the other applications. Use the following information to help you configure successful and efficient backup for your computers:

Back Up Common Databases and Applications

Use the following topics that provide backup policy advice for typical databases and applications as guidelines when configuring backup:

Do the following when backing up databases and applications in general:

Important: You must back up the Windows System State and the system volume for your computer. If you do not back it up, you might not be able to restore your databases or applications. The System State is not backed up by default, but you can select or clear it on the Selection tab of the Computer Backup page.

Applications Requiring Additional Configuration

Anti-virus software applications can run concurrently on your computers with LiveVault with additional configuration. If you are running anti-virus software, see the Anti-virus software help topic for more information.

Create Multiple Backup Policies

There are several reasons you might want to create multiple backup policies on a single agent.

For example: